City Pointe Church launched on January 31st, 2016.  On day one 500 people attended our first service and we had the opportunity to raise an offering of $6,000 that day to impact some of the most critical needs of the city.  We are committing to being a church that makes a real difference in our community and since that day have given away over $30,000 away to make a city wide impact for Christ.  We have partnered with our local schools, police department, and other churches in a desire to unite the tribes and to redefine what church can be.

To move to the Next Level of impacting people for Christ would ask for you to partner with us in prayer, in serving, and financially with the following needs:

Total Goal: $100,001


$24.5K - Staff positions

$20K - Office space/equipment

$10K - Updates signage

$10K - Children's check-in upgrade

$10K - Marketing

$10K - Worship Arts Upgrade

$10K - Truck

$5K - New believers experience

$500 - Internship scholarship

$1 - Every dollar counts

The power of one decision can change a life forever. That moment you decide you’re going to lose weight. The moment that you decide that she’s the one. The moment that you decide to bring a new life into the world. Decisions are powerful things. In our first 9 months at City Pointe Church we had 88 decisions for Christ…and we want to see more than a hundred in our first year, but to move to the Next Level, we need your help!