Meet Our Leadership


Scott McIntosh

Lead Pastor

Scott McIntosh is the founding pastor of City Pointe Church. He attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned his Masters of Divinity. He and his wife, Elizabeth, have two children, Isabella and Samuel. His hobbies include chess, surfing, and long rides on his motorcycle. To contact Pastor Scott, please click here!

Scott M.png

"You're more loved by God than you know" - Pastor Scott


Fred Harrold

Executive Pastor

Fred Harrold serves as the Executive Pastor of City Pointe Church. He and his wife, Cindy, have been married since 1980. Fred has over 20 years of vocational student ministry, youth evangelism, and children’s worship experience. To contact Pastor Fred, please click here!

Fred H.png

"I am crucified with Christ"
Pastor Fred


Antoinette Charles

Director OF Finance

Antoinette Charles serves as the Director of Finance and serves alongside her husband, Sharmi Charles. Antoinette loves that City Pointe Church isn’t about religion, but about a relationship with God and a relationship with people. “I also love the freedom to be fun and quirky, sans judgement,” To contact Antoinette, please click here!

Antoinette C.png

"if we all do a little, we'll accomplish a lot"
- Antoinette Charles


Ellen Lynch

Administrative Assistant

Ellen Lynch is one of the newest additions to the City Pointe Church staff. She serves as the Administrative Assistant. Ellen is married to her husband, Jeremy, and they have 2 children, Lincoln and Lochlann. Ellen absolutely loves traveling! Her favorite quote is “Do not quench your inspiration and imagination!” by Van Gogh. To contact Ellen, please click here!

Ellen L.png

“Monkey, Monkey, Underpants!”

- Ellen Lynch


Sharmi Charles

Director of Connections & Community

Sharmi Charles helped launch City Pointe Church in 2016. He serves as the Creative Arts & Marketing Director. Sharmi is married to his wife, Antoinette. Sharmi loves random adventures and movies! “I love that it’s OK to not be OK while at City Pointe Church!” To contact Sharmi, please click here!

Sharmi C.png

"Life shouldn't be a one player game!"
- Sharmi Charles


Jerry Tadlock

Associate Pastor

Jerry Tadlock serves as an Associate Pastor at City Pointe Church. He is one of the founding members of the church. Jerry is married to his wife, Melissa and they have two children, Gabe and Makenzie. Jerry is an avid runner and a seasoned blacksmith. To contact Jerry, please click here!

Jerry T.png

"You can never finish a race you don't start"

- Jerry Tadlock


Angie Bailey

City Pointe Kids Director

Angie Bailey serves as the City Pointe Kids Director at City Pointe Church. She is one of the founding members of the church. Angie is married to her husband, Patrick and they have four children, Aiden, Anthony, Abby, and Andon. Angie spent two years in Japan as a missionary and loves sushi. To contact Angie, please click here! 

Angie B.png

“Leading children to Jesus brings me joy”

- Angie Bailey