We see a church where everyone feels at home, comfortable, loved, embraced, and not judged. This is a church that goes where other churches don’t go and does what other churches don’t do.

This is a church that truly changes a city, a state, and a nation. This is a church that has significant impact both across the street and around the world.

This is a church where God is felt, seen, touched, and experienced, rather than just talked about and studied.

We see a church that is ultimately relational: a church that loves people just how they are, but loves them too much to let them stay that way.

We see a church that comes straight out of the book of Acts, meeting house to house and experiencing the miracles of God together.

We see a church that loves the broken, the messed up, and the people the world gives up on. We see a church where no perfect people are allowed, but all that come are chasing hard after God. 

We see a church that the unchurched love, talk about, and honor. We see a church that those who have given up on church flock to, because they begin to hope again; to dream again, because this is what they always longed for, but could never find.

We see a church where the lost are found: a church for the prodigal, for the lost, and for the people that love them. We see a  place of honor, care, healing, redemption, training, equipping, and sending.

We see a church where lives are radically transformed through prayer, worship, and by experiencing God. We see a place that exists for one purpose: to bring God’s glory here to  this city in all of its fullness, resulting in radically transformed lives.

We see a church that’s relevant, practical, and provokes exciting conversations on the ride home. 

We see a church that is awesome for all ages, especially the next generation, where kids love it so much…they bring their parents to experience it.

We see a church that redefines what church is…and what church can be.

We see a church where all the sons and daughters of God can attend together and learn to recognize more of their similarities than their differences. We see a church that gives back to its city, rather than just taking.

We see a church that’s fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously, but takes very seriously the call of God to shine His light into a dark world.

We see an interdenominational, intergenerational, multi-ethnic church. We see a church that’s a glimpse of heaven, united in praise of Him who gave His all for us. We see a place where Christ is exalted, the Holy Spirit is released, and the Father is honored in everything we do.

The church we see is not just a different kind of church. It redefines what church is.