City Pointe Sub30


Welcome to City Pointe Sub30

City Pointe Sub30 is a ministry for boys and girls from the age of 18-30! This is a ministry for young adults to get together and share life with each other!

Date: Sub30 meets every Tuesday @6:00

Location: Changes weekly, email Nick Herbert for more information!


About City pointe Church Sub30


Sub30 Leader

Nick Herbert serves as our “Sub30 Leader” Nick also serves as the Worship Pastor for CPC, and sings along side his awesome wife Holly Herbert! Outside of the church Nick preforms in the band “City Saints”!




Goal of Sub30

The wish for Sub30 is for young adults from the age of 18-30, to get together and share life together! We hope for everyone to become a family, and no matter what happens you can feel safe sharing and asking for help! We share laughs and tears as we continue to live life as a family!


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